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Barnhill Freeze Dried 

Offering Unique, Long Lasting Produce

Barnhill Orchards presents a new freeze dried selection of products.


At the beginning of the season we will be offering:

----- Freeze Dried Strawberries

__ Freeze Dried Bananas

__ Powdered Strawberry for Smoothies

__ Powdered Strawberry/Banana  for Smoothies

__ Candy Sweets

Other freeze dried items will be added to the inventory as the season continues. 

What's it all about?  No added sugars, salts, additives, preservatives, added anything!

Freeze drying is a low temperature dehydration process that involves freezing the product, then drying, to create farm fresh produce and sweets that will last at least 25 years!   


All freeze dried items will be available for purchase at the drive through and online!

For more information please visit our Freeze Dried Website

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