Thanks for growing with us!

Our Roots

Barnhill Orchards is a family-run operation established in 1980 by retired Air Force Lt. Col. Bob Barnhill and family. Starting from 

scratch, our family cleared the land to plant seedling pecan and peach trees. From there, the land was tilled and the first vegetable plants were put into the soil. Since that time, Barnhill Orchards has expanded to become one of the area's top producing quality vegetable suppliers to local friends, community neighbors, and folks from surrounding towns.  

How We Do It

We practice sustainable farming techniques, utilizing nature and best practices to raise our produce. The fertile soil in the sandy hills of Lonoke County is perfect for growing farm fresh vegetables, fruits, and nuts.  All of the produce is hand-picked and hand-sorted to ensure only the very best quality produce goes to our customers. Quality produce is our hallmark signature.   

Meet our Family

 Bob Barnhill

Founder & Co-Owner

Carlotta Barnhill


Rex Barnhill

The Grower & Co-Owner

Ekko Barnhill


Sandy Barnhill


Jan Smith


Tori Barnhill

Sales & Tech