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Welcome to
Barnhill Orchards!

Welcome to 
Barnhill Orchards!

Sundays CLOSED


New Hours:

Monday - Saturday    9a - 5pm

We are now picking Peaches, Blackberries, Blueberries and Raspberries....and they taste amazing!!! 

We also have:  Squash, Zucchini, Okra, Cucumber, Cabbage, Collard, Green Leaf Lettuce, Sweet Onions and New Potatoes.

Tomatoes:  Early Girl, Cherry, Heirloom, Green, Travelers (pink), and Tennessee.

Check out our Freeze Dried Fruit and Candy!

Also...Selling Butterfly Weed for the Monarch Habitat Program.

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Farm Fresh
Fruits & Veggies

We are proud to be your local farm, boasting farm fresh fruits and veggies, as well as many other locally grown and locally made Arkansas products such as honey, jam, fresh homemade breads, salsa, and much more!  Come by to see us...and stay a while!

Shopping at Barnhill Orchards in Cabot / Lonoke is easy and convenient. Our drive-thru will open with Strawberry Season, 9am - 5:00pm. Our farm offers a colorful bounty of delicious and seasonal produce. You stay in your car, select from a wide array of displayed products, we place it in your car, and off you go!

Knowing where your food comes from means shopping local.

Thanks for growing with us at Barnhill Orchards! 


Great folks, very informative and they definitely know their information.  If you are looking for local food here is a good place without having to go to a big box store.


Barnhill is GREAT!! The people are the best who work there. My order was ready when I got there,the quality of the very fresh produce is excellent, and at a good price!! I definitely recommend going there,even worth the trip, from Bryant, and I will go again!!


I love Barnhill Orchards! I live in the area and shop there at least once a week. They have great produce and very reasonable prices for local produce. They also carry lots of local products such as honey and ice cream. I really enjoy my visits, and during COVID-19, they have made their website and drive thru very easy to use and convenient!


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