Our Community

Barnhill Orchards is a community farm.  We know our neighbors, and we take the time to know each of our customers. In the spring, we celebrate the opening of our Farm Corner Market by inviting customers, family members, and vendors to visit and share the day. Customers have an opportunity to get to know our family and learn where their produce and products come from.


In 2019, we sponsored several events. We hosted a family day at Barnhill Orchards, inviting families to come out for a day of fun and the picking of our delicious strawberries. We also had the opportunity to invite folks from Maple Healthcare Nursing Home of Hazen, and adults from The United Cerebral Palsy Adult Center of North Little Rock to pick berries, as well as a group of Veterans for a visit.  As you can tell by their smiles, a great time was had by all.

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